A seahorse and slackline

Today I took out and set up my slackline for the first time this year. Sadly one week later then last year. I blame it all on school and my girlfriend. They both take so much time, but I’m glad I have them. It was good to get back up again, but it’s too long to go nearly seven months without balancing. Next winter I need to think about something clever. I’ve posted some photos too, and if your wondering what the first picture is. It’s a seahorse. Spotted it as my girlfriend and I was heading to the park from her place.

One thought on “A seahorse and slackline”

  1. Hi,
    Really like your blog and your style of writing! And I am also happy to see that both school and girlfirend are important to you…
    And impressed by slack line. Look forward to more pictures – with you also using the other stuff!?

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