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Some posts just take forever to write. There’s always something happening that get me away from the computer and writing. Hopefully I have solved it know. My brother has this little palm (I think) PC I can borrow. So now I can write where ever I am. On the train, to the train and so on. Hopefully this will help me post more about my self and what I think and do, since I’m got at thinking about what to write when I don’t have a chance to write.

“Anywho”, thought I should make a little update about my latest purchases. Got three new Dreamcast games; Soul Calibur, Dave Mirra and Planet Ring (which I just bought to get the microphone). Have some pictures if your interested at the bottom. Also found a NeoTokoy shop in Oslo, how cool isn’t that? So used some money there today. I’m a big spender, but with a low budget. Sadly. Need to start controlling myself. Bought some Japanese soda which I manage to spill out all over the floor when I finally manage to open it. It was a bit tricky and I had to use a small wrench to do it. Also bought some new shoes, Vans, slip on. Needed some lighter and more summer friendly shoes.

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