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As most vacation, and this is not an exception. I end up neglecting my blog. Not because I want to, but I don’t feel like sitting down and writing something. It’s okey to post some pictures and videos now and then, but I use extra time to do it. If you check when I uploaded my pictures to Flickr and when I post it here, there is some hours in between. So that was my little excuse for not posting that much.

Since I’m not posting much, you’ve missed out a bit. As my last serious post was 19th of June about a Munny competition and a little update about me going on vacation and getting some flowers. The major things are that I bought myself a PS3 and finally a PS2, I’ve had a stand at Desucon with my company, and some more vacation.

That was the short story. The PS3 and PS2 was a impulse buying. I was originally waiting for my brother, but thought I pop in an game shop to see what the prices for a PS3 was. Since they had a deal with two blue-rays and ModNation Racers, I just “had” to buy one. I’ve been thinking about getting myself a blue-ray player for a long time. Blue-ray is sweet! Then my brother called me and asked if I could go to another shop (which sells PS2 really cheap (at least cheaper then other places)), I thought. Why not buy that too, since I’m out spending money. So I did. That the story of how I ended up with a PS3 and a PS2 on the same day. That’s going to be something to tell my kids about. Now I only need to get a boxed Dreamcast (and maybe a boxed PS2 phat (and maybe a boxed PS3 phat (and I’m of course getting the new Xbox 360 slim(parenthesis are awesome!)))).

This was the day before Desucon, and we used it to play some PS3 and make some awesome vinyl toys for me to show off. We ended up making two big ones and two small ones. The big ones ended up pretty cool. Check out pictures at the bottom.

Desucon5 went really well. It was fun to have a stand, only done that one time before. Definitely going to do it more. Sold some, and got to meet new and interesting people. I’ve uploaded some pictures to my Flickr account. There where some awesome costumes. Guess Norway isn’t really hooked on vinyl toys yet, but some saw the potential. And a lot of people loved the memory stick figures. So going to make some more of them and try to sell them separated. No time for that now, since I’m working on two other projects. More on that a little later.

This last week I’ve mostly had time to relax and hang out with my girlfriend. We went to the local park, ate some ice cream. I’ve even made dinner for her! have also evolved, I’ve added a blog and working on a gallery. Next will probably be a forum, but need to get a community first. As for now I’m just posting pictures about DIY figures on different forums. Other then that I’ve started to upload pictures to my DeviantArt profile. Took some time I understood how to do it, but now it’s all cool. So head over to check out some of my doodles and vinyl toys. Regular readers will recognize the vinyl toys. Readers of my now dead doodle blog, DoodleStyle, there are some of the same doodles. No new ones yet, but hopefully later. I’m thinking about taking Sponster to a new level/world. We’ll see when I get some time.

About my vinyl projects. As you maybe remember. I won a mini Munny from a competition early this year. Finally I found out what to do with it. I’m going to cover it all with pearls (the one you but on a board and iron), like a dress. So that going to be very interesting. Will take some time though. My second project is one I’ve started on while I had my stand. I didn’t have customers all the time, so had time to doodle on a cat Qee head, and ended up with a drawing I liked. So going to finish that. Have only a babyQee body to put it on, but it’s going to be awesome.

Then we where at today. I’m off to some more vacation on Tuesday. Going to my cabin (at the lake (love saying that)) with my girlfriend. Looking forward to that. We’ll be back, either the 9th or 10th, then on the 10th I will leave for hiking in the Norwegian mountains. Going to walk from Finse to Haukeliseter. Will take me little less of a week. It will be my first week trip, and solo trip. I’m so excited! Will take a lot of pictures!

Think thats all, have a look at the pictures a the bottom.

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