36/52 – Sound experiment

36 - Sound experiment

Name and I was at the roof of the Opera house (Oslo, Norway), where we found these platforms with steel pipes. It turned out to be some kind of sound experiment. You held onto two or more pipes to make some strange sounds. Every pipe/mix made a different sound. Was pretty cool. Too bad Name’s arms are to short.

3 thoughts on “36/52 – Sound experiment”

  1. This sounds pretty interesting. I need some references for my project on design related to sound. Can you please tell me the exact name of this experiment or explain how it was doing what it was doing?

    1. It was pretty cool too, but sadly I couldn’t find any more info about the project. Tried to google it on Norwegian, but no hits.

      So I’ll try to explain it. As you can see on the image there are five steel pipes and some speakers. Then you had to touch two of them to make a sound, and the noise changed after where on the pipe you interacted. I tried with my feet too, but I think I needed to touch it with skin. Think that’s all I can remember, other then that you could touch several pipes to make sound, but I only have two arms, so it was a bit hard. 

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