Good evening

Its been a long time since Ive posted something personally and I’m sorry, but I got two reasons for it. One of them is a reason I would call legit and the other one is not as legit. The short one first, which is also the legit one. This semester I’m taking two philosophy classes, which mean that there is a lot curriculum to read, plus Ive been busy with not one, but two mandatory assignment which I am and was supposed to write couple of pages. I handed in my first on two weeks ago, then I got another assignment (not philosophy but programing), and when I handed that one in. I had to start on my third one, which I’m working on right now. This one is due to Monday, and I’m half way through. Hoping to get done before the weekend. We’ll see.

So, now you probably wondering what my other reason for not blogging is. As you maybe know, I played World of Warcraft some years ago. And now Ive started to play again. It all started with a friend of mine introducing me to World of Warcraft the trading card game (which is great), it’s kinda like Magic The Gathering but with some other tweaks (everything is “mana”). Then I thought about how I missed WoW and wanted to try to start again. So I bought a month of subscription. I’m havingĀ a blast, but it is something hard to control how much I should play. I haven’t even had time to start playing Dead Rising 2 which I bought on Friday. Other then playing WoW, I use my time to play boardgames and a lot of Heroclix. Man, I’m starting to really dig Heroclix! I also waiting to get my Watchmen set in the mail! going to be awesome!

Guess that all I have to say for now. My original idea for this post, was to make a post with pictures of all the stuff I bought the last month and tell you all about it. Still going to take pictures of everything, but not sure how much to write about it. We’ll see. Going to do it when I get the Watchmen set. As not to bore you while you wait for the pictures, I’m going to post cool and interesting stories/images I find on the interweb. Like I did earlier today.

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