Back from Vietnam and some

I got home from Vietnam over two weeks ago, but I’ve been relaxing and totally forgot to blog. Sorry for that. So I’ll try to catch up now. I’m thinking about dividing up the posts and spread the information about my life over a few days. Today I’ll tell you about the last twenty days in Vietnam, tomorrow there will be some about what I’ve done in Norway, and then the last one will be about some new games I’ve bought and played.

Where was I, yes in Quang Ngai where we visited my girlfriend’s family. Quang Ngai was a nice place where I think I was the only western tourist there. After Quang Ngai we took a local bus to Hoi An, which is famous for it’s many tailors and the beautiful old town. So we (or at least I) made a lot of clothes there. It’s so cheap compared to Norway, even thought we went for one of the more expensive tailors. I made a beautiful three piece suits and got some shirt made, plus I also got some leather shoes made. In a nearby shop where I got my leather shoes made I saw some cool sneakers, so I asked to get a copy of those, but they ended up terrible. Didn’t get my money back but at least I could switch it to the originals.

After Hoi An we took a new bus to Hue. Hue is an old town with a big citadel covering half of the city. At least thats what it looks like. We only spent one night there, but we managed to see most of the important stuff. I even so something that looked like a go kart track, but sadly we didn’t have enough time to check it out. Next time.

From Hue we took plave to Ha Noi (the capitol of Vietnam). Where we took a bus to Ha Long Bay for a beautiful three day cruise. Can really recommend that. I’ll upload a bunch of photos to Flickr, so look out for those named Ha Long Bay. We stayed at Calypso Cruises and payed a bit extra to go rock climbing at a beach. Wonderful! We even had a Swedish instructor, that was fun.

Back from Ha Long Bay we stayed in Ha Noi for a couple of days. We found out that we’ve been traveling a little bit faster then we thought, so we needed to find another city to visit (we ended up with Da Nang), but before that we had some museums and shops to visit. I forgot to tell you that we bought so many clothes in Hoi An that we needed to buy another suitcase. So luckily we had some more room (since it was huge), so I ended up buying some pants and nearly ten t-shirts. All of them was of a brand called Boo.

So from Ha Noi we took a flight down to the middle again, Da Nang. Not a very interesting city, as it was a place for Vietnamese tourist (native tourists). They had a long beach and a nice cinema, but that about it. One day we even rented a bike and drove down to Hue again. Took about 40 min. We should done the other way around when we where visiting Hue, but at least now we know. Not going there next time I visit Vietnam.

From Da Nang we flew to Ho Chi Minh City, back to where our trip had started. The Vietnam tour was going to an end so we needed to make the most of the last few days. We spent some more times with my girlfriend’s family, of course we shopped some more. They have some huge shopping plazas in HCM. Funny though, there weren’t many people shopping there. We also visited a famous tunnel complex dug outside the city. It is approximately 250 KM long and go from Ho Chi Minh City to the boarder of Cambodia. That a long way to crawl underground. It was amazing to see what they had been able to create during the Vietnam war, and we also got the chance to try out a tunnel our self. Luckily they had made it a bit bigger, but I still needed to crouch a lot to get through the 100 meter long tunnel. A bit scary. The next day we had a 12 hour flight to Paris, where we had to wait another five hours, before we where on the plane to Oslo. We even ended up getting stopped at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City since we had bought some DVD’s that was imported from China (to I hear pirates?). Luckily they let us of the hook if we paid a 500 000 VND fine. Since it’s only about 100 NOK, we did it.

So that’s it about our trip to Vietnam. It’s been one of my best trip I’ve had in my life (at least for now, never know what the future will bring). I feel I’ve become closer with my girlfriend, and I think she has gotten a lot better in speaking Vietnamese. I can also recommend other to go to Vietnam. It’s a friendly and beautiful place, but they are not really good a speaking English, so you better rent a interpreter or bring a friend who speak Vietnamese. Also, we took over 5000 photos, so need a new HDD before I can upload them to Flickr. Hopefully I’ll get a new one in the coming week. Stay tuned!

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  1. Lät som om ni hade en riktigt trevlig resa 🙂 Det var synd att skorna inte blev bra :/

    Sv: Vi besökte en dyrebutikk vid Brugata der de hade malt skalen på eremitkräftorna til superhelter 🙂  

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