Guess what…

I got my self a Galaxy Tab! I ordered from the states (United States of America) a couple a weeks ago and it arrived this Friday. So it’s been a wonderful and fun weekend testing out my new gadget. I can first say that I really enjoy it and it works like a charm! Had some problem recharging it since the plug that followed doesn’t fit in the Norwegian plugs. Plus when I tried to hook it to my computer or to use an USB plug it didn’t charge very well if I didn’t turn the device completly off, which kinda sucks. So after some googling I found a way to modify the cable, so now it works! Go me and me DIY skills. I will say that the Galaxy Tab is a true Ipad killer, we just need more Android apps scaled to fit the big screen. I will start working on upgrading my own app to fit this fall (read more about my Android project over at Fifth Floor Studio). I also got some DVD’s and two games in the mail too. Sadly two of them was sone 1 region, which I forgot to check. So can’t use them. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell them to someone who can. The one game who worked was Afrika, which wasn’t as cool as I’d hope. The graphic wasn’t really up to date (even thought it was released in 2009). So I’m probably not going to play through that.

Other then that mail, I’ve been really busy with a school project called Loopy Tangible, which is a music machine aimed at kids. We’re going to show it off at my university this Friday when it turns 200 years. Really looking forward to that.

Also, sorry for the long delay with bloging. I’ll try to be better.

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