It’s Friday


A small post about what I’m up to. Other then university work, I’m working on another heroclix app. launched it earlier this week and got some great feedback on it. Which feels great. I bet, if I got that good feedback on my university task my grades would be higher. Other than that I don’t have time to much else. Played some xbox last weekend. Completed Driver San Fransisco and did all the single player achievements. I also tried the new Bloodrayne, not as good as the two first games. They should had stayed with third person view and not go for the silly side scrolling. A good xbla game I did try was Toy Soldiers Cold War. I even ended up buying it. It combine toys with tower defence and some fps/third person view.

I also added a rainbow image. Its even a double rainbow, but not sure how easy it is to see.

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