My vacation!

I’m really not in the mood for writing, plus I don’t feel that I have something to write about. So thats why I’m going to write something. Point wise…

Christmas eve was great, and I got some wonderful gifts, among other things; Nintendo 3DS, books, money and other things I wished for.

I also got some time to read my Murakami book, 1Q84. Great book! Can really recommend it.

As mention I’ve got a 3DS (Zelda edition), so I’ve also used a lot of time playing Ocarina of Time. As I’ve never tried it before, everything is new for me. And it’s a great game, a bit hard, but still great!

Back after the vacation I’ve starting (or continued) to renovate my apartment. I’m isolating one of my walls and looking for new shelf for my living room. As mention before in this blog I made a shelf, but I’ve decided to move it and buy some. Making one was to expensive!

As for the year 2012 I’ll get started with my Master thesis, step down on buying and hopefully playing games. It takes to much (fun) time. Need the time to code and read. I also starting on a game for Android in December and I plan on working more on it this year. Will post some images when I get something to show off. Stay tuned!

Thinks that all for now, hope you enjoyed this little “list” of things that have happened. Maybe I’ll do more of this blogs, since I think it’s better to post some then nothing. We’ll see!

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