Spotify + PS3 Media Server = Spotify streaming to PS3 (and probably Xbox 360)

Wow, think that is the longest title I’ve had on this blog. At least now you should know what this post will be about. I’ve had Spotify for a while now and I’m pretty pleased with it, sadly my speakers on my computer isn’t that good, so I needed to find a way to stream it to my sound system. I tried first a program called JamCast which was super easy, but sadly it costs $30 which I think is a bit much for what I need it for (plus I’ve heard that I could use other programs to do the same for free). So I kept on searching till I found this easy guide on a Norwegian blog over at So I thought I should post the same guide just in English in case someone was searching for help to find it out. So follow these easy step for streaming of you Spotify. You need of course a PS3, Spotify installed, and PS3 Media Server (also installed);

  1.  First you need to download DSBridge which is the tool that let you stream music between Spotify and PS3Media Server. Inside the DSBridge folder you’ll find the files dsbridge.ini and dsound.dll. These should go into your Spotify installation folder (mine was located here: “C:\Users\<userName>\AppData\Roaming\Spotify”).
  2. Then you need to get another .dll file from the free Lame encoder. The lame_enc.dll should also go into the Spotify-folder.
  3. Next step (is maybe the hardest step?) is to edit PS3 Media Server profile which you’ll find in a PMS folder (mine was located here: “C:\ProgramData\PMS”). The file to edit is WEB.conf and you need to add following in it;


    There may be some problems with editing the file, and the easiest is just to copy the file to the desktop and edit it there, then copy it back.

  4. Next you need to do is restart PS3 Media Server and Spotify. The rest is just to start playing songs from Spotify. They will be streamed to the Spotify “radio” under Radios on your PS3.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. You can find all the files you need here: spotify stream

Update: If you have problems finding the Web-folder, check out Herbert Mayer comment:

For everyone for whom the “WEB” folder does not show up in the PS3: As Spooky Squeek already said, you have to copy the WEB.conf into the %PROGRAMDATA%\PMS (for Vista & Win7) or %APPDATA%\PMS (for Win XP) – just copy the path into the explorer and you should be able to find them. Afterwards it should work just fine.

Found the Info on the PSM Forum:

Update 2: Is “the data type is unsupported”? Kuchen has the solution:

After much trial & error have found the fix to re-enable web audio streams defined in WEB.CONF file:

  1. Disable VLC [click on plug icon and status of VLC engine will change to red X] under Video Files Engine in the Transcoding Settings Tab
  2. Save settings
  3. Stop/Restart PS3MS