Not much time to blog personally lately, mostly because I’m a bit lazy. Plus I’m writing on my master thesis, so I feel that I write enough.

“Anywho”, I have an RC car I want to modify in some way. I have changed it gasoline engine to be electric (not that hard, just change the two engines and get the right gear(s)), but what more can I do? I’ve been thinking about making it drive by it self (hence the Artificial Intelligence in the title), but is that any fun? Of course it would be a challenging and interesting coding job, but fun with RC cars is to drive them your self. So what can I do? I googled it a bit, and found these cool project.

HackedGadgets: Use the motor from a drill instead of a “proper” RC car engine. I’m going to try this this weekend. Since I have a spare drill laying around, and a spare RC car (had to get the electric engine from somewhere). Just need another set of batteries, but they aren’t that expensive.

JBProjects: Make a programmable RC car. This is similar to how you program a Lego MindStorm robot. Probably not going to do this on my big RC car, but I have a small one which is kinda broken with no projects going on. So with a h-bridge and an Xbee or something similar, this should be easy to get up and going. Guess the main challenge is to understand how fast it can go, and get it to turn properly :\ We’ll see later when I get time to build this. Plus I need to buy some wireless communication parts.

RCArduino: What about adding traction control or speedometer to the RC car? Both of these could be really fun to try out.

One project I have thought up my self it to make more crash proof. I’m not that a great driver of RC cars so sometimes I crash, but what if I could make the car handle better, or at least withstand the crashes? Some sort of rollcage. With some┬ásolenoid I could make it fill over like in the movies. That would be pretty cool.

Or another project would be just to add some cool lights underneath it, and maybe add movable shocks.

Any other ideas?