Monster Truck Nitro

Redlynx have released yet another great game. Just bought it yesterday, so haven’t completed it yet. At first I thought it looked a lot like Trials 2, but this is so much easier, and sometime more fun since you don’t have to focus as much. It’s great to play while you chat with friends or write a blog post. He he. So the meaning behind this game is to ride cool looking Monster Truck (with nitro in some levels) in some very awesome tracks with a lot of different obstacels in. Like a huge loop or a big tree stuck to your rear as you can see in the fourth picture after the jump.

Here you also can see some in game advertising. They are only from Redlynx and Miniclip, too bad you can’t put in your own commercials. That would be fun. They also serve as an useful purpose, because they are giving you hints. I’ve only seen one yet, which state that you will get a formula car if you get gold on every level. Guess that would be awesome!

As Trials, this is also a side scrolling game where you control the gas and break, plus if you want to tilt your car forward of backwards. To do flips for instance. The tracks are really well made and fun to play. Also the later tracks steals some design from Trials with big loops and objects that moves while you drive on them. So If you need a fun loving game and have 20$, then this will be worth it! At least check out the demo!

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Monster Trucks Nitro

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