One year

It is now exactly one year since I’ve posted my first post on this blog. I’ve also reached the 300 post milestone. It feels great! Sometimes it has been a lot of hard work to produce a post, other times they pop up several times a day. And lately I’ve felt it have been most of the first one, sadly. Don’t know why, but maybe because I started at university. That do take a lot of time. Hopefully it will be better in the future and I’ll get more time and inspiration to make longer and better post. Maybe I even will find more interesting things to write about.

“Anywho”, not sure what this post is meant to be about. I kinda feel that I have to show of what I’ve produced of post the last year, and I will further down. So bear with me. He he, bear… As I’m going into my second year I think I need some dreams, hope, goals for my self. More than the make better and longer post. I’m seriously thinking about making a theme that I will be happy with and is easily changeable as the seasons pass. As I’ve gotten a program that I’m getting better acquainted with, I’ll probably get it done over the Christmas holiday. Let’s cross our fingers. Other than that I’m getting my self a digital camera so I can take better pictures to my blog. No more low quality cellphone pictures. Yay! Think that gonna do a lot. And when I get that I’ll take a lot of pictures of my console collecting as it has been growing pretty fast the last weeks (dreamcast, gamecube, gbc, gbm+++). Probably need to find a nice place to have it all. Also there is a new Munny soon ready to be shown to the world, a Harlequin look a like. Right now only the lower body is done, put soon! I’ve also have a Munny car and a mini Munny too paint to, but I’m out of ideas. Maybe you have any tips?!

Other ideas I have for the new year is a weekly video, similar to the weekly doodle I have on my other site ( I’ve also started a new “policy” with linking. Only friends and flash games I’m reviewing. It will help me keep the blog shorter, hopefully better looking with the future theme. That we don’t know how will look like. Preferable good! Other than that the blog will probably not be that much different. I will keep posting about stuff happening in my life, things I buy, paint or do. We’ll get better picture and maybe I will even start film some of the work I do. Let’s see if I can find something worth filming.

Thanks for reading my blog, please spread the word and enjoy some postes I’ve made the last year!

  1. What have I done
  2. Storker Project
  3. World of Wifecraft

This is just a few of the ones you all should check out. It was to hard for me to make a top five or something like that. So have a look yourself.

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    1. Hehe…bare å sette seg ned det. Passe på å prøve å skrive et par ganger i uken. Så går det som en lek. Og har vært på den linken du sendte. Morsomt opplegg!

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