Skate 2 demo is released

Skate 2 demo was released today! One word, AWESOME! Finally some new places to skate. Too bad the career mode where limited to around seven minutes. Luckily there was a sweet spot where you can play spot battle with your friends or yourself. So check it out!

I also have some other news! Got these two “gifts” in the mail yesterday. Won them on which is a norwegian auction site.

I’ve also started thinking about making a page about my growing retro console and gaming collection. Since I got a new camera for Christmas I can take crystal clear pictures. How cool is that?! And speaking about Christmas gifts. I was visiting a friend of mine on the west side of Norway (Lærdal) and she had got me a super cool Kite calendar and a Kiwido set. Will make a post later when I had time to try them both out. Now I’m off to make some dinner and wash my clothes. Burger time!

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