Waterproofing my RC car

As mention in the previous post I bought a new RC car. While I was at the store I was allowed to try one of the car they had display. It was a 1/16 I think and it was waterproof so we where driving outside in the snow. One word, “awesome”.

Sadly the car I ended up buying isn’t waterproof, but hey, ended up paying less then half of what the other car cost. So the question now is, how can I make my car waterproof?

So I started to Google it and some of the top tips where; “buy waterproof parts”! Whaaat? That is not helping at all! Of course I know that the easiest (maybe the best) option is to buy waterproof parts, but thats just silly. It’s not helping me waterproof my car by buying new parts. Or at least not in the way I want to do it. Some people are to pedantic (right use of the word?). “Anywho”, what I wanted to do was to use the parts I have and just *poof* waterproof. Luckily I found this guide to help me.

Before reading, this is strictly my thoughts about waterproofing! Also, when I’m talking waterproofing, I’m not talking about driving your car underwater. I’m aiming to get car to handle snow. There, now you can continue.

Basically it is about sealing all the whole that can lead water to the electric. So the important part to protect is the receiver, ESC, servo, and the places the cables connect. The rest of the car is just bits or metal and plastic. Of course plastic doesn’t care about water, but every metal bit will some day start to corrode if it get in contact with water, but that doesn’t really matter. As it will probably take years (as long as you don’t leave it in the water and let it dry). What about the engine you say? The engine should be safe. Most of the brush and brushless engine are made good enough to handle some water. At least from my experience and what Google says. It is the same with the battery, just cover up the all the visible metal parts.

Back to protecting parts. Waterproofing the receiver is pretty easy. Just put it in a balloon with all the with all the wires sticking out the hole with a strips around them. All tight! Next is the servo, they can also be balloon proofed, but people say that you should just dunk it in liquid tape. I’m probably going with the balloon trick first, depends on what I can find in my local hardware store. Last is the ESC, the expensive part of your car and maybe the part that is the most trickiest to waterproof. Why you might ask? Because it gets hot! And stuff that get hot should not be dunked in liquid or packed inside a balloon. So what should I do then, is probably your next question. There are (at least) two options, either open it up and use the liquid tape or something called silicon sealant (this can also be used on the servo), or just fill up every hole with glue. The last is probably the easiest one, but there may be complications with the heat sinks. I’m personally not sure which option to go for yet. This is mostly because I can’t figure out how to get my ESC apart from the car itself. There are no screws where there should be some… What ever you end up doing with the ESC remember this, keep the heat sink alone. Don’t cover it up. It’s not going to let any water through it since it’s steel, so just aim for proof/clog all the holes on the ESC and the line around where the plastic is put together.

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