Work again

Back at Voss now. Didn’t have time to update much yesterday. Used most of the time to clean my room and play games. Bought Dead Rising and Devil May Cry 4 last week. So needed time to complete them both. So if you have time and money you should really check them out. Because they are both some really good games. At least check out the free demo on Xbox Live.

Since last update I have visited my grandparents and stayed at my parents cottage with my girlfriend. Relaxing and spending time on just us two. It was really nice! Else nothing much is happening. Going to Tallinn in two weeks, looking forward to that. Saving money so I can buy a lot of useless and useful stuff. Want a knitted jacked! A good news is that I don’t have too use my sling in the day anymore. Its four weeks since my operation of my shoulder. So its going really well, still have to sleep with it thought.

Enough from me. Changing over to my 360 now, so talk to you later!

PS: N+ is coming tomorrow to Xbox Live!