Ouya – Kickstarter Edition


I finally got my Ouya! It arrived the day after I left for Spain, so could pick it up before this Monday. I’ve posted some images of my opening it and turning it on after the jump, for those interested in that.

I’ve only played some games on it. For example Towerfall which was really fun, but since I only have received one of my four controllers yet, only single-player for me. I didn’t had much trouble getting it up and running other then that it wouldn’t connect to my protected WiFi, luckily I also run a guest-net. After that the only problem I had was adding my credit-card. Had to do it via their site. No biggie!

Looking forward to get the extra controllers, as most of the games are made for multi-player. So, got any games to recommend?

PS: There is also an image of my new Scott Pilgrim action-figure!

web-P1090725 web-P1090726 web-P1090727 web-P1090729 web-P1090728 web-P1090730 web-P1090733