3Racing XI Sport

I uploaded images of a new car yesterday (that my brother managed to crash). I had originally planned to post this little image series a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been to busy so it has just stayed in my draft folder. Finally I had some time to post it. So, yeah…I’ve started drifting! It all started when a friend of mine talked about how boring it’s going to be when the winter sets in and we can drive on the road any more. So we went looking for places to drive inside. The closest one was RC-Land (which I’ve already posted a video from), but we weren’t allowed to drive with our buggies. Which kinda sucks, but I totally understand. The track is way to small for a 1/8.

As you can see underneath that didn’t stop us. I spent part of my RC-budget (which I was saving up for something else, but more on that later) on a new 3Racing XI Sport. Originally for touring, but works really well for drifting when you switch the diff’s.

The box for the 3Racing XI Sport.

All the pretty bags! Kits are incredible fun.

Some pieces spread out.

Paint! When I first picked the color I was a bit unsure if it would turn out good, but it did. It really did.

Sadly, I used the wrong type of paint. Can’t recommend Montana Black (not Gold either), so I used some black paint on top of the other one after I had tried to wash most of the loose paint away. Still okay look on it.


Plus, not the car is really banged so I’m kinda glad I didn’t spend that much time and money on the body shell.