Singapore Drift

I got home from Singapore yesterday and I must say that it has been a great trip! I didn’t take as much pictures as I usually do, and I used my phone a lot more then usually. So I’m going to spread the pictures out this week to get time to write a little about (maybe) each of them. This post is dedicated to all the cars I saw in Singapore. In Singapore it is really expensive to own a car, I think you even have to pay a $90 000 (SGD) license to even allow to have a car. And then you can only have that car for ten years, before it has to be scrapped. So for some reason a lot of people spend even more money to “pimp” the car. So in some streets I felt like I was in the movie Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.


More images after the jump!

wpid-IMG_20140314_190702.jpg wpid-IMG_20140311_124456.jpg wpid-IMG_20140310_175442.jpg wpid-IMG_20140312_204251.jpg

Not sure what car this one is (see image above), it looked like a modified Mini…


Saw two of these, one was a bit more banged up than this one. Maybe it’s been in a street race?


This was a taxi, sadly I didn’t see any of these the times I had to take a taxi.

wpid-IMG_20140312_214917.jpgNot that cool, it just had a lot of stuff inside it.


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