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I had planned to post these images last week, when I got home from Singapore, but I’ve been to busy painting my apartment. I’m nearly done with painting, but took a break today to drive some F1 car (yay, finally got it running), and practice with my M-Chassis M-06 as I’m going to compete on Saturday and Sunday in Gjøvik. Will try to take a lot of pictures and film.

Anywho, back to Singapore. This is just an image dump with no particular order, they are also all from my cell phone, so not the best quality. I’ve will also upload some images to Flickr next week.


Some vanilla ice and volcano brownee dessert.


I love me some pancake. And Singapore got a lot of pancake restaurants. This one is a “dollar pancake” dessert. Where you dip the small dollar sized pancake in the different sauces. It was delicious.


On Wednesday I went to the wakeboard cable-park. It opened up 12 o’ clock so I thought I would be late and it would be full of people. Turns out that I was the first and they hadn’t even bother to start the cable. It was my second time wakeboarding, but going around this cable park was a lot more fun then riding after a boat in Norway. The water was so much warmer. I also managed to hit some of the elements. Some of the jumps, a rail, and two of the fun boxes. It was so much fun that I even went back a second time on Friday.


The start of the park. Not a good picture, but it was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures.


This was a pancake hamburger, never tried it, but maybe next time?!


It was my girlfriend who took me to iFly, as she had always wanted to try parachuting. This was a more cheaper alternative using a giant fan. I was a bit scared, but damn, it was a lot of fun. We have it all on DVD, so I’ll maybe upload it to Youtube for you to enjoy.


Some strange public art…


Burger time! First time trying sliders. I think it’s better then regular burgers, at least when you order three with different meat!


The MRT can get a bit crammed, luckily most of them are shorter then me.


Not sure what kind of drink Tango Cherry is, but I guess some kind of Coke with cherry taste. I just couldn’t miss taking a photo of  Ron Burgundy.


With my dollar pancake I had a yoghurt kiwi drink. They didn’t have milkshake so I hoped this was the next best thing, it wasn’t. It tasted like yoghurt natural. Not my type.

Someone getting all the angels. Guess they couldn’t afford the 360 degrees cameras.


Not sure what kind of store this is, but I liked the entrance.


When I started walking down the street to this restaurant I saw a girl with a Porn’s t-shirt, and the elephant logo. Thought that that was a strange t-shirt to walk around with, until I saw this giant banner. Didn’t try it, but looks promising.


More dessert porn.


My girlfriend isn’t that fan of pancakes, but who can say now to two kebab and some pancake? Plus they had awesome milkshakes at this resturant, the Pancake house if I’m not mistaken.



Not sure what I’m taking a picture of here, but I’m guessing the TV with possible me on the screen.


Yummy! Nutella milkshake and pancake for nerds as they where called.


Our feet at the MRT. I need some more color.


Live crabs!


There are a lot of escalators in Singapore. Guess they don’t enjoy walking. Or because it really hot there so to avoid sweat and bad smell.


Hum…I think the floor is wet.


My girlfriends dessert. Small pancakes and mini marshmallow.


On the way home we had to take the bus from the plane till where I take a picture from. I’m guessing it’s maximum 200 meters. Why couldn’t we just walked?


Last day pancakes. They where good, but no milkshake.


I love me some M&M!


Food on the airport. A French sandwich.


This is humours in Norwegian, as fis means fart *giggle*


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