My firste Scale Tour

Last Sunday I met up with some forum-buddies of mine to drive some Scale truck. This was my first real trip since I bought the beast in November. We went to Ekebergåsen where we found some really good, but maybe a tad difficult spots.


Roads never look steep on pictures, but it was. I sadly had to lift my car over this section as it was to steep and slippery.


My friend Kjell’s car on the left and Stig on the right.


Stig had his niece with him, she was driving the blue Dingo. With some modifications, as the original dingo is smaller then my Rubicon. It was pretty sweet.



Action shot!



Managed to drive my self stuck in some branches.


My first steep decent. Went really well, just rolled. At lot better then my other decent which ended up with my car nearly rolling of a 5 meter clip. Luckily it stopped just at the edge.



wpid-IMG_20140323_140029.jpg wpid-IMG_20140323_140058.jpg wpid-IMG_20140323_150047.jpg

I had some troubles with my gearing, and it turns out my spur gear was too far away from my pinion gear. Check out the video for sound effects.


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