Dead Rising 2 is real!


Capcom says that Dead Rising 2 will take the franchise to a “new level of zombie-killing fun with tens of thousands of zombies” and a chance to kill them in fun ways in the gambling paradise of Fortune City.

Just read about it on Kotaku and I’m super stoked! Can’t wait to get the sequel to 2006 probably best game if you ask me. Read more about it here, here and see the video here! There is also a wiki page up!

Read even more about Dead Rising 2 after the jump (there is a funny “chat” from CaD!

[12:12] Tim: Joy
[12:12] Brian: Hm?
[12:12] Tim: The official announcement of Dead Rising 2
[12:12] Brian: Oh ho.
[12:13] Tim: No shopping mall this time, instead it takes place in the “gambling paradise of Fortune City”
[12:14] Tim: No Frank West either. He’s probably off covering wars, you know.
[12:14] Brian: That’s what he does.
[12:14] Brian: So many wars, he’s covered them all.
[12:14] Tim: They have to be covered, and that’s what Frank West does.
[12:14] Brian: They have wars so he can cover them.
[12:15] Tim: They call him up and ask if his schedule is free. If they throw a War, can he cover it? He answers yes.
[12:15] Brian: That’s the real reason for Iraq War 2. He had nothing to do that weekend. That motherfucker.
[12:16] Tim: If a War happens in the woods, and Frank West isn’t there to cover it… did the War really happen?
[12:16] Brian: I don’t see how.

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