Birthday, kinda…

yesterday (not really)! It’s not seven years and one day since I first launched this blog! I’m pretty amazed and proud that I’ve manage to keep this project going for seven years. I haven’t managed to post every week (or every day as my first plan was to), but nearly every month, just missing July in 2011 and April in 2014. That is not bad.

I’m not that big of celebrating these blogdays, as I’ve only remembered it three times. First was of course in 2008, the first year, then again in 2009, and last time was in 2011, when I was, as today, one day late.

…so…yeah. I kinda got distracted working on a graph over all the posts over the years, because I wanted it to update live using some PHP and Javascript. Then it started to snow and I wanted to drive my RC car before going to bed.

So that is why this post is not longer…

PS: I’ll post some images from my car covered in snow tomorrow.

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