Another thing that happened on Wednesday was the release of a new WordPress update, this time it had a name, Dinah. WordPress 4.1 came with the theme Twentyfifteen, which you can now spot on this site. Pretty smooth isn’t it? Not that different from my last one, but the sidebar switched sides.

Also I’m going to try to add featured images to some of the posts, and clean up some of the old plugins I’ve had from the beginning. Such as the NextGen Gallery, it’s probably good, but it’s outdated on my blog and the old images and galleries are not working :\

Edit: Feature image has now been edited. NextGen Gallery has to wait till tomorrow or some other day. I’ve also added the title above the feature image, if it’s there. Pretty pleased with what I’ve managed. It’s a long time since I’ve worked with themes in WordPress.

See the preview page of my theme after the jump.


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