Last November I pledged for the first (?) cycling game (at least as I had seen), called Cycling Party. Then a month later it arrived.  I was a bit unsure of how well the game would work, as I wasn’t huge cycling fan, and the English rules was a bit fussy (the original rules are in Spanish), but, my brother and I played a round and had a lot of fun.

Our first race
Our first race


CYCLING PARTY is a board game that brings together the excitement of road cycling as a sport and the enjoyment of strategy games. Direct and manage your own cycling team. Choose your race strategy, and look for the best opportunities by taking advantage of the situations that occur during the race.

Cycling Party is built up using 54 landscape hexagon pieces that you lay out to make the road for the race. How you build it doesn’t really matter, but it helps to make the game unique for each play through.

The game is played using figures and d6 dice. And each round you roll two dice for each cyclist and move them forward. To make it more interesting you need to check if the cyclist is either in the hills, in a peloton, a part of a paceline, or is considered as a breakaway.


Using small cycling meeples you form your team, where each members can have a special role, this is depended on game mode. The only game mode I’ve tried is junior, where only cyclist number 1 has a role. He/she is a sprinter, meaning that you can roll either an extra d6, or a d20.

I’ve played the junior version of Cycling Party three times with different groups, and they have all loved it. And I can personally recommend it, especially if you are interested in cycling and board games.

Also, check out the Hall of Fame, you can find my name there!

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