2014 on Instagram

Inspired by my friend Christina, and since this is my first year with Instagram, I want to make a “My year on Instagram”. So keep on reading and see the four best photos of each months.

As I didn’t registered on Instagram before April; January, February, and March are both blank.

So welcome to April, the first picture I’ve added to Instagram.

I started working on my apartment, making it ready for sale.

I also got Rivet Wars in April!

I passed my Scrum Certification exam.

If you want to continue reading, hit the “more” button. There is going to be a lot more images in this post.

Next up is May.

Windows get really dirty over the years.

My apartmen went on sale.

Camping on 17th May.

Went to Berlin, Germany, and took a triple selfie.

June started with an outdated joke, that just sounds really wrong now.

Since I had sold my apartment, I had to sleep on the floor.

I took a lot of images this summer, as I went golfing

And I got some new board games, this is Kamisado.

July is the month of my birthday!

July also showed me how much I missed golfing.

I also went to Vietnam with my girlfriend and my parents.

We met her family again.

In August we got home from Vietnam, and started looking for an apartment. The month started with a cool timelaps.

We went corn “hunting”.

We put a bid on an apartment, didn’t win it :\

Finally bought myself a desktop computer!

September was the month we bought a new apartment!

I played chess against Simen Agdestein.

Bought a new bike.

Started moving in…

October was an interesting month. I made buns.

I partook in an bike race. Came last, but it was fun!

University of Oslo organized a game jam. My game, Little Big Spaceship came third!

We finally got a new bed, after three weeks sleeping on a terrible madras.

November started as Movember, so I cut my beard.

My girlfriend won a DJI Phantom!

Forgot to take a picture at the end of the month, so this had to work. Shame on me.

Got Smash Bros for the Wii U!

The last month, the winter month is December, and I’ve also taken a lot of images, so there will be eight images from December.

The month started with a cooking class.

Continued on with getting more Rivet Wars.

And Arcadia Quest, which was a ton of fun to play!

I finally got to drive my rally car in the snow.

And I made some cakemen (not to be confused with Cybermen)!

Christmas eve means suit

And a tree!

Before the year ended I played some Cycling Party that I also got in December, and which I will write about later.

I should probably end the year with a picture of fireworks, but that have to be tomorrow.

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