I’m a big fan og Metanet N, and N+. This year (hopefully in this spring) next generation N is coming, called N++. I’m super stoked and have started saving for a PS4, since it’s first released on the Playstation Network. In this occasion Metanet have been out promoting the game, and I bought a sticker and pin pack to show my tribute.



I didn’t only get stickers and pins, but I also got a personal letter thanking me, which is pretty cool!


Metanet is the best!

History of N:

The first version of N was released as freeware in 2004; it gradually spread through word of mouth to millions of players. We were surprised and humbled by the interest in the game, and strove to make it even better, releasing N+ in 2008. Since then we’ve continued to refine and develop the game, working on new levels, enemies, and game modes. We’ve learned a lot about N over the past ten years, and we’re putting it all into N++. N++ will be the definitive and final game in the series — we’re sending it off with a bang.

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