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I never managed to find some time to continue on the slow month post, so here I am. Doing a short recap of the last 30 days of board gamding, using Instagram images and text.

The week after I had been skiing I ordered two new board games that I’ve had never heard about, but seen on-line. Regatta and Hanabi.

That’s the boxes. Regatta is as the name implies about sailing. Pretty easy set up. You put up four buoys in a square, where two of them mark the starting line, and you have to sail around the two others. To move the boats you use cards that you play from your hand, and move the the length of the card. So pretty easy. I will hopefully write more about it when I try it more thoroughly, as I’ve only played it with my girlfriend ones.

It’s pretty cute. Hanabi on the other hard is also a card game, but here you collaborate with the other players to make the most wonderful firework! Haven’t tried it yet, but I think it can be some easy fun.

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I have also played a new round of Rivet Wars. This time we went big! We went with 3×6 tiles, using most of the table.

It was pretty fun, and I really got to understand the Blights, as we have had some trouble using them before. I think it also helped that we avoided the air crafts. I won!

This week we also managed to start a new round of Arcadia Quest using the Beyond the Grave expansion. I’m so glad that I kickstarted this game, it’s a ton of fun! Just need to paint all the figures. I’ve managed to do some details on four orc marauders, but I found out that that was the wrong technique, as there is now no space for painting all the skins. I’m spilling over all the details I’ve made so far 🙁 So I’m going to take a break from them, and try to start on the skin on the four other orcs I’ve primed.

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