This summer I went to London

There has been a lot of fun stuff happening this summer. It started with the first weekend of June, when I went to London with my colleagues.

I ate a lot of good food in Camden Town.

IMG_20150624_195018-57 IMG_20150624_195018-39

IMG_20150624_195018-35 IMG_20150624_195018-23 IMG_20150624_195018-10 IMG_20150624_195018-8 IMG_20150624_195018-4 IMG_20150624_195018-0

We did some archery! I came in third!

IMG_20150624_195018-21 IMG_20150624_195018-11


I saw a lot of cool single-speed bikes!

IMG_20150624_195018-55 IMG_20150624_195018-48 IMG_20150624_195018-36 IMG_20150624_195018-30 IMG_20150624_195018-25 IMG_20150624_195018-24 IMG_20150624_195018-17 IMG_20150624_195018-15 IMG_20150624_195018-13 IMG_20150624_195018-9


Of course I found some street art. Saw a lot more, but just forgot to take pictures…

IMG_20150624_195018-45 IMG_20150624_195018-32 IMG_20150624_195018-51


Found a cool toilet in a Mexican restaurant with very good food and chili-sauce! I got a bottle for free!



I also ended up buying some board games, such as Tiny epic Defenders (see image below), Tokaido, Takenoko, and Tales of Arabian Nights!