Two weeks ago my girlfriend and I, with two friends went to my cabin for a short weekend to pick bilberries (we call them blueberries in Norway). I’m usually not a big fan of berry picking, but I’m glad we went, as the jam we made is delicious.

There where literally berries every where. Even when we parked our car we could just reach out and start picking.



I really love European bilberries, the American blueberries can’t compete! Even though they are smaller, the taste is a lot better!



The most boring part about making bilberry jam is to clean the berries after they have been picked. I use something called a berry picker, and if you are not picky (pun intended) there will be a lot of leafs.




Nearly done, just boiling the jam.


After this we put most of it in the freezer for the winter. Looking forward to pancakes with bilberry jam and bacon!