Name: Kyrre Havik Eriksen
Birth: 09.07.1987
Work: Ciber Norway AS
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Xbox Live: Kyrremann
PS Network: Kyrreman

About me:
Not sure what to say. I’m a normal Norwegian. Maybe have a bit to much spare time, and needed something to fill it up with. Just to have something to do and to have a place to post news I like and find interesting. So I don’t forget them. It’s also a nice way to keep in mind how to write proper English. hopefully, as no one is correcting I’m not sure it’s always written in the best way. Guess the last sentences are a proof of that, but I don’t like to write “about” pages. So you should just be glad that there is something here!

Super Power: Immutability


  • Love to sneeze, cause its like a small “orgasm”
  • Like it when it rains
  • Coco in front of a fireplace
  • Being underwater
  • The woods
  • Green grass with flowers!
  • Windy music (Sigur Rós)
  • Wikipedia
  • Vonlenska/Hopelandic
  • Dreams
  • Fantasyland
  • Dragons!
  • Pokémon!
  • Thunder and lightning
  • Warm air on my hands
  • Snow
  • Wind!
  • Girls who are happy about who they are!
  • To stick straws into Capri-Sonne drinks.


  • Written exams.
  • War.
  • The word hate (it’s been used up (maybe I should write a post about it?!)).
  • Girls with a lot of makeup (KISS).
  • Waste time on stuff like this.
  • Go to sleep and wake up alone.
  • Read stuff I’ve written when I was younger