If (Kyrre == tired) {

As some of you might understand from my title, I’ve been busy with school. So haven’t had time to write. Sorry for that. I feel like I’ve been really bad at writing the last month.  Probably not going to change very quick, but keep watching and maybe it will turn.

Bought a new cd yesterday. The latest to a norwegian artist, Maria Mena. It’s called Cause and effect. You should check it out if you have a chance!

Till next time; bye!

PS: Check out my university site.

Viva la vida

The days goes to quick! Feel that I need more time to get everything I want to do done. Probably most about how I arrange the time. “Anywho”, traded in Pure yesterday, was completed it and had gotten all the achievements I could get. Traded it for MX vs ATV untamed. Looks much more fun, and it’s split-screen. Add a little more fun when your several.

As the title hint about, I bought the new Coldplay CD. It’s really good, so recommend it! Don’t think I have much to say other than that. Thanks for reading and head over to doodlestyle.net and see me new doodle!

School is fun!

Kinda, at least. Been a bit busy with all the work so haven’t had time to work on the layout. So was thinking about maybe just put it out there with the minor bug. I don’t think it will bother people that much.

I also have bought Amped 3. Was on sale, so thought that I should give it a try. It’s easy achievements, that’s for sure. The story is lame, but it’s fun to play while we wait for the real snowboard games coming this winter.

Btw, check out this achievement generator over at schrankmonster.de. I made this funny one *giggle*