Two down one to go

I realy love that phrase. And finally I could use it, because I’m done with two excams and have one last tomorrow at two. After that I’m done for the year. Woho, Christmas break!

I’m planning to use my time at working plus playing old games I haven’t finished. I’m also hope to fix my computer and set it up for Linux so it’s ready to be used when I start school again next year.

In another news, I’m working on a new Munny. Going to post the work log when I’m done, looking real good know. I’m done with the body, just need to figure out how the arms and head are going to look like. I also got my RC car I order Monday. I’m surprised how sort it took before I got it. It’s an 1:32 scaled AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM. Don’t know what all those fancy abbreviation means, but it’s a black cool looking car. Hit the jump for three pictures.

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It’s so boring to read, but I have to. So I’m just making a short post here. I bought Guitar Hero World Tour today, probably not the best idea to shop while studeing to an exam, but I just had to. They where selling it for 99kr (which is around 13$) when you traded in two games. And I had two old games that I couldn’t get rid of (Kameo and Table Tennis (didn’t want to trade that in, but had to( probably buying it again later))). So I’ve been testing it out a little bit and it’s super fun! Love the way the new guitar works. Especially the “frat” board or what ever it is called. Hit the jump for some pictures.

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