My new mouse

Got me a new mouse today! A Dreamcast mouse. Straight from New Zealand. That’s a long trip for a little package. Thought I ordered from USA, but I was wrong by a half globe. I was pretty exited to see how it looked like, and I was mighty impressed of how good looking it was and how good it felt in my hand. Too bad I found out that it will probably not work on my Dreamcast as it was marked with “Will only work on NTSC U systems”. That’s a huge bummer, so want to try it out, but will test it later when I have some more time.

Yet another filler!

I’m away visiting a friend tomorrow. So won’t have time to make a more interesting post. Also I’m tired and want to sleep. It’s better than nothing I hope!

So here is a little post about an item from SuckUK. Drumstick pencils! How cool is it to have these when school starts next semester? I’m voting ten. Cheesy, can’t do better.

One end is a pencil the other end is a drumstick.
Supplied as a pair.
design by Moko Sellars

First PDA blog

Everything after the jump is in prior. That’s because I wrote it earlier today, and didn’t find a way to transfer what I wrote on my PDA on the train to my computer. So had to write it again. Not so fun, but it’s a more personal post. Not sure how I’m going to do this in the future. Really want to find a way to transfer the files, but we will all see. So have fun reading about my day. Btw, Spore is super fun! You should really try it out! Continue reading First PDA blog