Slow day…

Installing Windows 98 on my computer ended up being impossible! First I tried to install it from inside of windows, but then I ended up with not enough disc space. Then I tried to boot it up and try to install it from DOS, which none of them worked. So I found my other computer a tried to hook up the harddisc and install from there, but no. Nothing worked. So started fomating one of the disc to install win98 to that one, but then I suddenly needed another floppy disc, but I was installing from CD. So I ended up just giving up. Packed it all down and went to clean up the kicthen. Hit the jump to see some pictures, and there is also two from my new layer of paint on my wall.

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It’s “snowing”

Went skiing with my brother and some friends today! It’s wasn’t the best weather, but still a lot of fun! Havn’t been skiing since christmas. I also learned me a new trick, 360! I’m super proud! Never done it on telemark before. “Anywho”, this is just a little filler, since I haven’t posted something in two days. Been a bit busy. Friday I worked as always, and after that I played my first Squash tournament. It was just a small club one, but still a lot of fun and I learened a lot playing with the better players! Yesterday I had a friend over and we made pizza and watched “Stardust”, a different kind of fantasy movie.

And now I’m trying to install Windows 98 on my old computer. Will post some pictures later today!

Somethings rolling…

Been a fun day to day. First I bored my self at school. Luckily I had my DS with me. Not sure if its luckily, but it was fun. After that I went home to sleep. Because I’ve been so tired lately, and I’m not sure why. Hopefully it will get better after this weekend. “Anywho”, had a friend over this evening. We cooked food and watched “Definitely, Maybe” a cute movie which I can recommend. We also talked about the old days, laughed, joked and giggled. I was the one who giggled.

Think that’s it for tonight. Need to go to bed soon. Can’t stay up to late. I’ve also done yet another color on my painting. It is getting better and better everyday. Tomorrow I’m thinking about mixing some colors, I’ve ever done that before. So can go either way. I’ll let you all now. Also, please leave a comment. It’s always nice to hear from you all once in a while!

Bongo time!

Got some new stuff today. First I bought some DK-Bongo drums from a guy on for 13$ and then when I got home my two last DVD’s had arrived. Stardust and Silent Hill! Yeah! Going to watch them both maybe this weekend. Back to the bongo drums, sadly there where no games, just the drums. So now I either need to find only the game, or buy a combo pack with drums and game in it. Not sure what to do yet. I’m also thinking about trading one of my Dreamcast for a N64. What you think? Could be cool with a console I don’t have instead of two of the same.

Yesterday I got another Sonic The Adventure for my Dreamcast. It’s even sealed, but its a NTSC version, so no cool cover.I’ve also come a bit further on my wall painting. Check out the few pictures after the jump.

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Not much

Don’t have much to say today. So just making a filler. I’ve started painting my new wall painting. Done with two of the colors. So maybe if I’m a good boy I’ll be done this coming week. I’ll keep you updated. Other than that I haven’t done much…was at school working. Almost forgot, I’ve started watching a new series, The Big Bang Theory. It’s a geeky show, just the way I like it. Check it out over at Imdb. Also, this is my 351 post. Woho!


It’s Friday and the weekend have just begun. I’m waiting for my best friend to come over, so I’m killing time cleaning up my place. And I think I need to vacuum tomorrow. There is huge dust-bunnies all over the place. They are taking over! Help…hehe.

I’ve also done a little shopping today. Thought it was time to buy some new boxer. A friend of mine once told me if I don’t remember last time I bought boxers, it’s time to buy some new ones. So I did, went for two black and light blue Bjørn Borg and one blue Bjørkvin boxers. Damn, they where expensive. Could bought a new game for the same prize. I also bought some socks. Always in need for that. 10 pairs of all black and 5 pairs of different colors. Wonder what I’ll shop next. I want a new belt. Maybe I’ll start looking for that…

Two Worlds Royal Edition

Bought a new game today. Wasn’t planned at all, but can’t skip a great deal. So I was just out to get me some new paint brushes, since I’ve started on a new wall painting. Will post some picture of it later this weeks. Going to look really good. So “anywho”, I thought that I should see if the local game shop would get Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad tomorrow, which they won’t since it, but next week he said! Yeah! So while I was looking at other games, I found this “Royal edition” of this game Two Worlds for 99kr (12$). And you can’t say no when it’s that cheap for a _”Royal edition”_ can you?!