Crayon Physics Deluxe

Some of use have tried the original Crayon Physics where you could draw different squares to get the ball to the star, and then advance to next level. So it’s a very simple game. The deluxe version which is not done takes this to another level. Here you can draw whatever you want and the video (after the jump) shows a very promising and fun game. Which I’m looking forward to.

Some new features;

  • Greatly improved physics (you can draw what ever you want)
  • Huge number of new levels
  • Easy to use level editor

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Soul Calibur IV Japan covers

Here are the two covers for the japan edition of SCIV. Many people a afraid that SC is going to loose their reputation. I’m not afraid of that, and are welcoming the three new character open wide!

World of Goo

Bought a “new” game last night. Was a bit bored and needed a new fun game. So I headed over to the Indiegames blog and read about “World of Goo”. It wasn’t the first time I looked at it, but since I’ve lost the bid on Shenmue earlier that evening I had money to spend, so why not check it out. It’s not done yet, but if you pre-orded it you would get the first chapter to play with. So I thought that would be money well spent. And it was. Those little Goo’s are so fun and cute to play with that it’s hard to put it away. Continue reading World of Goo

N+ site update

The PSP/DS site for N+ have gotten a huge update with a whole new layout and some info, screenshots, downloads and more. Check it out over at Really lookinf forward to get it to my DS!

  • Hundreds of built in Levels: Conquer over 200 levels in single player or play with friends in over 100 Cooperative and 50 Competitive levels!
  • PURE and PLUS modes: Play in PURE mode reminiscent of classic “N”, or try out the new enhanced PLUS mode only in the handheld versions!
  • Ninja Techniques: Master stealthy Ninja techniques like wall-climbing and missile dodging to get past deadly laser drones, homing turrents, and other deadly enemies!
  • Networked Content: DownDownload new maps and replays from the N server. Design new maps or show off your slick ninja moves.
  • Level Editor: Design maps and share them with friends or the world using the integrated level editor and the infrastructure modes of the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system and the Nintendo Wi-fi connection on the Nintendo DS™.


Sweet bookshelves

A Brazilian designer firm called Triptyque made these nice space shelves for a private apartment. It’s following the whole way around the room and have room for a entertainment system and other stuff you need to have room for that is not books.