Trials 2 SE v1.07

Trials 2 SE new patch v1.07 is out now. Start your game to download it or visit to try the demo. A lot of new stuff arrived with this patch. A bone breaking sound, new levels and also a new camera mode called “fly by”. So thinking about making a new video if I can get the hang of the new camera mode. Hit the jump to see all the new features.

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Whatpulse – Taking pulsing into another generation

I’ve been a member of Whatpulse for over three years now. So thought I’d make some advertising for it. Whatpulse is a program that tracks all your mouse movements, clicks and keyboard typing. Then it sum it all up to see how far you’ve moved your mouse and how many clicks you made. As the web site states;

Do you feel that you could have moved your hands, keystroke by keystroke, across the globe twice every day? Interested in finding out just how much you type a day?

Well then welcome to the WhatPulse homepage. This website <-> software combination is the best way of keeping track of your keystrokes.

It’s all very simple to join. Just download their lightweight program and create a account and a profile for your home computer, or work computer. It’s up to you. Then you can knock yourself out by typing and moving your mouse. When you think you have moved enough just right click on the Whatpulse icon down at the clock and press pulse to send all information to the database.

Check out my team and my profile, also visit if it sounds interesting.

Cortex Command interview

The game magazine Play have had an interview with Dan “Data” Tabar, co-creator of Cortex Commander.  A game yet only in “work in progress” face. Despite that it looks really well. There is some fun things you get to know like this:

Niklas and I have never met in real life, but we’ve worked together for over four years now….

Other news is that you will be able to play co-op with up to three friends. That will be very fun. You can also attach your own brain to a robot to walk the earth! So check it out here!

Penny Arcade Adventure

Penny Arcade Adventure was released yesterday. I downloaded the demo to my 360 and started playing hopefully. It’s a standard turn-based adventure game, but they have tried to use the old charm that Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and the Monkey Islands series use. For me, it didn’t work quiet well. It was to much. I think they where trying to hard to be funny. So it’s not a game I’m going to buy, but you should check it out and see what you self think. A demo is free, plus you’ll be done in under an half hour.

Guitar Hero: World Tour

A music video of people playing the new Guitar Hero franchise. Guitar, drums, bass and vocal.  They are also stating that they are releasing the biggest set list. That can be very good, but also crap. Depends on what they put on it. Hopefully every songs from GH to GH:Aerosmith. Another cool thing they say you can do, is to record your own songs. Don’t know how good that will be since you can’t hit any real notes with the guitar, but hey. Maybe it works?!