Favicon taken to a new level…

This is just amazing! How to people even manage to do this?! You may be wondering what I’m talking about, someone have made a game which uses the favicon as the screen! For those who don’t know what the favicon I speak of is. Look at my little bug next to the URL address. Not sure how to explain it better. Head over to Defender Of The Favicon site and try the game. N to start and shoot, and asdw to control the ship. Good luck!


Yet another Saturday. The week goes by fast. Nearly to fast. I haven’t been very social this week. Mostly been working on a Java task with binary searctrees and singlyLinkedList. It’s fun, but I can’t quite wrap my head around the search-tree. At least its fun in a very geeky kind of way, but I did have someone over last night. We made dinner and watched a movie. Bank Job, a really cool one. So thumbs up from me. As the dinner goes, we made fish. Not very often I eat it, but it’s okay. We made salomon which is the best of the fishes out there. The funny thing is that now it smell  salomon from my kitchen and frying pan. Going to wash at least the pan real good with some awesome soap. Don’t want the fish taste and smell on my hamburgers I’m making today.

I’m also soon done with my new N+ level. I’m having friend of mine beta test it to see which category it ends up in. I’m thinking medium, but probably hard…Probably post picture about the level tomorrow. His time: 15,82 . My time: 55,30. Can you beat it?

I’ve also played a lot of Skate 2 latly, so much that I’m soon reaching ten thousand gamescore! Hopefully reaching it at the end of this week. “Anywho”, check out some of my cool Skate footage after the more… Planning on making a video of it all, just need to find a good flv to avi converter. Any tips?

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Dead Rising 2 is real!


Capcom says that Dead Rising 2 will take the franchise to a “new level of zombie-killing fun with tens of thousands of zombies” and a chance to kill them in fun ways in the gambling paradise of Fortune City.

Just read about it on Kotaku and I’m super stoked! Can’t wait to get the sequel to 2006 probably best game if you ask me. Read more about it here, here and see the video here! There is also a wiki page up!

Read even more about Dead Rising 2 after the jump (there is a funny “chat” from CaD!

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Found awesome page while I was checking out similar projects like Cubeecraft. At www.minimimmo.com you are supposed to help colonize the earth with Minimimmos. So I joined, first I used nearly an hour to cut it and fold it. Since I was in class I couldn’t use the folding video they made. Then I took some pictures of my Minimimmo at the lecture, before I took it outside and lined him up in front of the library at campus. So now I’m going to send the creator of Minimimmo.com pictures of the first Minimimmo in Norway. How cool is that?!