About my frog

Forgot to tell you about my teddyfrog.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed tree frogs live in the rainforests of Central America. They are only about 2 inches long, and have large, bulging eyes that help them see in the dark. Their favorite foods are moths, flies and grasshoppers, which the hunt at night. During the day, they sleep on bright green leaves where they blend in perfectly. Sticky pads ion their toes help them gang onto slippery leaves and climb trees.


I’ve been reading a Tumblr blog for the last weeks now. Been using nearly two weeks, it’s called Synthetic Pubes and it’s mostly pictures of people (girls) naked or in some clothes. I like to call it erotic, but I guess you can call it soft porn. It’s now 543 pages with ten posts a page, so I’ve seen over 5000 pictures. It’s a lot! When I think about it, it feels a bit like waste of time, and a bit silly. Luckely, there is a lot of nice pictures there. Some I’ve favorite as most of them comes from Flickr, other I’ve saved, and a few I’ve bookmarked. So if you like to look at some erotic, I can recommend Synthetic Pubes. He upload with several photos each day, so check out his feed to stay updated after you’ve read it.

Women would be amazed if they knew what men desire about them. Yes, of course, they want to see women naked and supine and melting, but male desire is far more readily stimulated by what the oblique glance discovers: the parted lips, the micron of eyelash which the mascara brush missed, the changing angle and shadow of cleavage, the bra-strap alternately displayed and covered up, the ripe-camembert plumpness at the edge of hips. There is, inside every adult man, a relentless Peeping Tom, a perennial 14-year-old boy, still amazed by the phenomenon of women on display, flagging their sexuality, their availability, with every square inch of visible flesh, clothing, make-up and curve.

We desire the personality that we discern in the walk, the clothes, the laugh… We look, and sigh, and wish to do certain things to her, first urgently, then luxuriantly, and keep doing it indefinitely; but we also hunger to have her do certain things to us, unimaginable though it may seem—we want her to want us. We don’t just want her surrender, like a slave captured in battle; we want her approbation, her adoration; we want to enchant her to desire us back. For, no matter how humble we feel before the dizzying fact of female beauty, men are just as narcissistic as women.”

— John Walsh (via nightmarebrunette, gauntlet)

3 July 2009
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Three thoughts of the evening

First thought: Every Monday I play squash, and today was no different. Game was fun, put this thought came while I was showering. Because some other dude had forgot his shampoo and body soap. So then I thought, is it okay if I borrow some? What if he entered while I was using his soap? I never found out, since the thought was so long and “deep”, that I was finished showering before I thought for myself, “go for it”. Maybe next time.

Second thought: This was while I waited for the subway after showering. Was on my way home. I spotted a cute girl on the other side of the track (first I thought it was my ex girlfriend, but no) listening to music. She was tapping her foot very gently and looking around. Girls are so sweet. “Anywho”, how cool would it been, if we where able to see what other people was listening too. Like a little text hovering over their heads or something. Would be awesome, and so much easier to pick girls up. “Hey, I see you like Sigur Rós too!”.

Third thought: Came while I was riding the tram (the subway never came) home, I was reading  “Der Zauberberg” (The Magic Mountain) by Thomas Mann (I was reading it in norwegian). This is a book I picked up because it was mention a lot in “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami (a very good book!). The main person reads it several times. I’ve also talked to my dad about it, and he said it is a classic which people should read. Sadly he hasn’t read it yet, so I thought I’ll borrow it at the library. Which I’ve now have done. I’ve read about 25 pages, and I don’t really like it. Maybe it’s to early to say anything about it yet. So aiming to read another 75 pages, before I decide to leave it or continue. I think it is too old for me. Not sure how to explain, but I’ve got a feeling.


Found this cool site about mistakes in the Zelda game series. It’s a lot of fact I didn’t know about. So if you have some time off, you should read them. Not that many.

Yes, Link has a sister. Last time I checked, Zelda wasn’t spelled “A-R-Y-L-L”.

…Twilight Princess was built ground-up for GameCube, and then ported to Wii in order to ensure the gimmick controller and console would have a “killer ap” of some sort, even though the controls were tacked on with very little substance…