It’s getting late!

I need to start writing my blog post earlier, because I’m to tired to write any decent when it get this late. So sorry about that. I should write when I get home from school. Guess that would work so much better! “Anywho”, it was good with a vacation. Was wonderful weather, and I got to see my cousin. It’s been to long since last time!

I also got a package from Japan on Friday. Was some Sega stuff I won on ebay. Was looking for some controllers to my Dreamcast, which I got and some other stuff. Take a look…

Bongo time!

Got some new stuff today. First I bought some DK-Bongo drums from a guy on for 13$ and then when I got home my two last DVD’s had arrived. Stardust and Silent Hill! Yeah! Going to watch them both maybe this weekend. Back to the bongo drums, sadly there where no games, just the drums. So now I either need to find only the game, or buy a combo pack with drums and game in it. Not sure what to do yet. I’m also thinking about trading one of my Dreamcast for a N64. What you think? Could be cool with a console I don’t have instead of two of the same.

Yesterday I got another Sonic The Adventure for my Dreamcast. It’s even sealed, but its a NTSC version, so no cool cover.I’ve also come a bit further on my wall painting. Check out the few pictures after the jump.

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Do you still own a Dreamcast?

This is the question you get when you head over to So do you? I do, just got one this Christmas as all of you probably know. I read about the changes on theire web page over at kotaku. You can register your Dreamcast serial number, but due to the high volume of account requests the site has been temporally suspended. What a good sign. Wonder what they are going to use the info they gather for. We just have to wait and see, hopefully they will open for more registration soon.

[update] Sadly the whole thing looks like a scam. Just take a look at these links. and Sega Forum