I pick you Carlton!

Got the new Pokemon Platinum yesterday! And as every other Pokemon game you start as a little kid with no pokemon, and then you meet an old professor who gives one too you. This time I thought I was able to choose between six different Pokemon, but no. Only three in this game too. So I ended up with a Turtwig, which I named Carlton (with help from a friend of mine!). Love that little turtle with a tree on his head. Have only played for an hour, so can’t say much about the story. But till now It’s been just like the Pearl/Diamond story. So guess it won’t change much either…

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Somethings rolling…

Been a fun day to day. First I bored my self at school. Luckily I had my DS with me. Not sure if its luckily, but it was fun. After that I went home to sleep. Because I’ve been so tired lately, and I’m not sure why. Hopefully it will get better after this weekend. “Anywho”, had a friend over this evening. We cooked food and watched “Definitely, Maybe” a cute movie which I can recommend. We also talked about the old days, laughed, joked and giggled. I was the one who giggled.

Think that’s it for tonight. Need to go to bed soon. Can’t stay up to late. I’ve also done yet another color on my painting. It is getting better and better everyday. Tomorrow I’m thinking about mixing some colors, I’ve ever done that before. So can go either way. I’ll let you all now. Also, please leave a comment. It’s always nice to hear from you all once in a while!

Late up and gaming

Sleepy…Think I have something to say, but I also think I have forgot it. That’s fun…not. Yesterday, I had planned out an post about what I have done this week, but now I can’t remember a thing. Well, not completely true. I did got an invite to join the Quake Live beta (which is Quake played through a browsers), which I also tried out yesterday, but wasn’t that fun. Maybe because I don’t really feel like playing on my laptop. I’m a 360 boy now. The only games I play on my Asus is indie games! Other than that I’ve order some new movies from Play.com. Great site with great prices. They even ship them for free! That’s nice!

Not sure if I told you all that I manage to get the ram expander to my Nintendo DS to work, but I did. Took some googling, and now it works like a charm. I can even use the Opera browsers to surf the net in classes!

“Anywo”, don’t think I have much more to say. I’m having a friend sleeping over tonight. Thats fun!

N+ site update

The PSP/DS site for N+ have gotten a huge update with a whole new layout and some info, screenshots, downloads and more. Check it out over at www.nplusgame.com. Really lookinf forward to get it to my DS!

  • Hundreds of built in Levels: Conquer over 200 levels in single player or play with friends in over 100 Cooperative and 50 Competitive levels!
  • PURE and PLUS modes: Play in PURE mode reminiscent of classic “N”, or try out the new enhanced PLUS mode only in the handheld versions!
  • Ninja Techniques: Master stealthy Ninja techniques like wall-climbing and missile dodging to get past deadly laser drones, homing turrents, and other deadly enemies!
  • Networked Content: DownDownload new maps and replays from the N server. Design new maps or show off your slick ninja moves.
  • Level Editor: Design maps and share them with friends or the world using the integrated level editor and the infrastructure modes of the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system and the Nintendo Wi-fi connection on the Nintendo DS™.


Viva Pinata to DS

Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise is coming to you DS this fall! How cool is that. I’ve played it a bit on my Xbox 360 and it’s fun. Too bad there is so many there games I want to play on my 360 so it have been neglected. Luckily there is few DS games, so I’m really looking forward to this one. Need a new game to play when I’m travelling.

Originally announced at the New York Comic Con, the DS version will share themes with the original Viva Piñata, tasking players with nursing a neglected garden into a piñata paradise. Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise will also introduce seven new piñata species, in addition to tutorial full motion videos from the Fox 4Kids TV series.

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