Linking fail

I just found out that there is some linking fail on my project page. Will try to fix it when I get home tonight. Not sure how to fix it…looks like it’s a WordPress image fail. Hopefully I can hard code the HTML and then that will fix it. If not, I’ll just have to add a not that classy “link to post here”.

Update: Don’t have time to try to fix the project page. So guess it’s still broken. Hopefully it will be up and running by this time tomorrow. In the mean time, check out Plaid which made the music to a very cool Japanese anime movie called Tekkon Kinkreet


Been out the whole day! Started off early with golf, and then went to the park. And I’ve learned my lesson about not using sun lotion. My body hurts! “Anywho”, going to sleep now. So aiming on posting something interesting tomorrow! You’ll see, hehe.

PS: Check out this awesome Redlynx offer! Cool clock (prototype?). Also check out this game, Netstorm…

Here is also some stuff I need to read, and maybe you too?!

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