Two PS4 Games

I’m looking forward to these two PS4 games. The first is The Witness by Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid (which I have not yet played). Looks very promising and I’ve been following the developer blog for some time now.


The second game is the new inFamous game. I loved the three previous ones, so hopefully this one will be as good or if not better. I’m curious how it will be to play as the new character. Plus I’m hoping we finally can learn to fly!



Super Unique Top Down Puzzle RPG 9001

The installation is set up as a simple computer kiosk. The “seeing” player is able to view the game screen, as well as navigate the player character through our visual environment using keyboard controls. The “hearing” player has a set of headphones, attached to the same computer, as well as the ability to explore the game’s soundscape by turning a potentiometer. The players must act together to ensure their character survives and escapes the dungeon he has been situated in by communicating to each other.

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