Good morning

For the first time in a long time I decided not to go too school before my class. I usually leave home half past nine to do some coding, but not today. I had planned to go golfing with my brother, but since it’s raining we skipped it, and I stayed in bed. Good to sleep a little longer than usually. So now I’m up, have eaten my breakfast, read my news and going to read my daily comics very soon.

As I’ve mention I’m looking for a new job, primarily a summer job, but I’ll take what I got. And yesterday I was at a interview at Smart Club Alnabru. We talked for half an hour so I have a real good feeling about getting the job. And I also hope I get that job, because I’m sick and tired of writing CV here and there, since every company uses their own system to register them! Bloody n00bs.

“Anywho”, I’m off to play some Zelda and start to install Windows 7. Going to be fun fun!

Thank you

When it get late, or really late. is your best friend. I’ve been out the whole day, so I’m really tired now. Even thought the clock isn’t twelve. Guess I’m getting older. Hehe…

So I started my day playing a little Wind Waker again. Haven’t played it for a week. So was fun to be back and swing Link’s sword (if you know what I mean). After some Zelda, I went golfing with my brother. I’m getting better at the bunker. So I signed up for the test to get green card 11th of May. Can’t wait. Going to be so much fun when I get it! When I got home I went to a local park and putted up my slack line and chilled out in the sun for some hours. We even saw and petted a pet pig. It was so cool, not very interested in us, but still very awesome! After that we went home to me, ate a pizza and watched several episodes of Arrested Development, and played some more Zelda. Great day!

And now I’m soon going to bed. Going golfing tomorrow too.

PS: Check out these two videos.

Breakdance Fail
TV host Fail

A real blog post?!

Is it true? I’m going to tell something more about my life?!

Well…its not that long ago since I posted a little bit about my self, but my brother (which I guess is one of the few that reads my blog, if you don’t count my other brother) complained about it was just all about twitting. Luckily that was just a mistake. I turned on daily update instead of weekly update. Silly me.

“Anywho”, since it’s not that long ago I posted about my life, there isn’t really much interesting that have happen. I attended a golf course this weekend, and I succeeded. So now I can get my green card in two weeks. Planning on getting it the 11Th. But it’s expensive to start golfing. Guess that goes for most of the sports out there when you start fresh. Good thing for me is that I have a nice uncle that gave me his old set which I posted two weeks ago if I remember correctly.
So since I don’t have a green card, I can’t play. So went to the driving range and practised my long shoot, and also some bunker shots. Those are really really hard, but it’s fun when you master it. Was with my brother and I decided to buy me one of those golfing gloves! How cool isn’t that?! I went for a white one, most classy! Keeping it real you know.

Other than golfing, much isn’t happening. Found out that there isn’t anything for me to do at my job this summer. So need to find somewhere else to work. That’s no fun. So have sent about ten job applications. Hopefully at least one of them need me. Note sure what to do if I don’t get a job. Can’t live on just air. Maybe if I had a more popular blog I could live on it, have a little donate shop. Maybe produce a little toy and sell it. That would be fun. 2k3 dolls. Wonder how they would look like.

Guess that’s it for today. I’m going to bed. Getting a bit tired, and tomorrow I’m donating blood for the first time in my life. A bit scared, don’t want to pas out or something. So wish me luck!

Good night!

PS: Check out this awesome Post-It video, got it through!

Weekend yet again

I’m done with my first day with golf course. Only theory today, so wasn’t that fun. Hopefully and probably it will be a lot more fun tomorrow when we will learn and try to swing the club. I’ve also started to twitter again. So follow me at, if you feel the need to stalk me.

Other than that I’m doing my last mandatory task in my java course. And this time it’s about threads and sorting. I’ve got the sorting done, don’t know if its the best, but I nearly made it myself. So just need to figure out how to split it up into different threads to speed it up!

“The Dragon’s Claw” by Justice of the Unicorns from Robert Bruce on Vimeo
A sad song…