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2k3s Backloggery

I got linked to this site by a forum friend (Sennaho), it’s all about logging the games you have. Which you have beaten, completed or just given up on. You should check out mine, make your own and then we can be friends!

I’ve also added some more games to my retro collection.

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (GC)
Odama (GC, it’s a really hard game!)
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (GC)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past / Four Sword (GBA)
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (NDS)

Weekly roundup

I thought I’ll let you all look at some cool videos I saw while going true all the news that been posted this week. All three are from

PS: A post about my weekend will come tomorrow evening (hopefully).

MX VS. ATV Re-re-reflex First Look Looks like nice

Muscle Men, Bikinis, WTF Silly game!

Meet The Spy, Quite The Ladies’ Man These videos are the bomb!

– Also check out these wallpapers!

Videos after the jump…

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PGA here I come

I got my first golf set today (pictures down below). The reason you may ask, well. My brother, cousin and uncle are all playing, and they have been trying to get me to join for some time now. And finally I complied and said I’ll join. So I’m aiming to take the green card next weekend of the weekend after that. Depends when the next squash tournament is. So today we went to the driving range, bunker, and the putting green. Never tried the last two, and is was super fun. Think I had some beginner luck. At least with me nearly two hundred meter long drive! So really looking forward to get the green card so I can start playing for real. Hopefully I will go back to the driving range on Tuesday.

I’ve also been sorting my retro collection. Put all the extra accessories into two small boxes. Make it much easier to get hold of them when needed.

And now I’m off to bed. Good night!

Yogitea of the day: Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness.

Retro is dangerous

Bought some new stuff to my collection today. Not sure why, but ended up with a Laser 200 Personal Color Computer. Which is a old computer from 1983. That’s four years before I was born. Hooked it up to my TV (as it didn’t have it own monitor) and since I don’t have a cassette player I could only program my own games in Basic. Other than that it looks kinda cool, probably nothing to brag about to the chicks. I’ve also got my hands on a NES and a Game Boy. Check out some footage after the jump. My brother is buying the NES and maybe the Game Boy, so I won’t keep them for a long time. So they will not be added to my retro collection.

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To do list

I’ve started some projects this last month I haven’t really had time to finish. So instead of just talking about them, I’m going to put them in my new “to do list” and then “strikethrough” them as I get them done. Hopefully most of them will be done this weekend, since I’ve planned not to do anything special. So here it is!

  • Harlequin Munny
  • Film and pictures of my new ceiling light
  • Retro collection
  • Pictures of some new stuff I got
  • Take time to tell what happened this week (19.01-25.01)
  • Make a page for my projects
  • Finish the N+ levels

So let’s see how long this list will last!

Update: The retro collection page is getting better. Uploaded pictures of my game and posted a list. Still more to come…
Update: Posted a video of my new ceiling light, and also moved the list to the sidebar, so I’m un-sticking this post.

Gifts and stuff

Couldn’t really come up with a better title. Can’t shine everytime. “Anywho”, promised that I would post some pictures of the two wonderful gifts a got from my friend. So here they are. There is also some pictures of stuff I bought on Monday. I’ve also started to plan my “new” retro page. So it should pop up in a close future.

PS: The burgers were good!