Stuff happends

Last evening the Trials 2 Second Edition 1.06 arrived. With 5 new tracks. 4 easy and one dynamic hard. There is also a lot of other features which you can read in the change list. So I was up till three just to have tested all the new tracks and go through the old dynamic tracks because they had all been changed on so there where no records on them and the dynamic was better. Also got my Newton achievement. So I’m pretty high up int he rankings now.

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Good Sunday Morning

Nothing much is happening now a days. Found at that I should probably get mew a new keyboard, because my bluetooth one don’t work well with gaming. It don’t respond quick enough and sometimes it hangs up. So now I’m stuck with an old HP one, that makes a lot of sounds when I type. Megafun! Other than that nothing much have happen. Climbing up the Trials 2 ladder and the Myminicity ladder. Getting some extra help on my city, under the table help. Also there is coming a Trials 2 patch on Monday, really looking forward to that. New tracks and all. As the big Trials 2 fan I’ve become, I started working on a trick movie, called “Monday Trick Time”. Got the name from one of the older games where the commentator would yell out “Monday Nitro Time” at the loading of the game. Not sure when I’ll be done, maybe at the end of next week. I’ll let you all know of course.

My girlfriend is still sick, been that for nearly three weeks. She is kinda tired of laying in bed now, poor girl. Started on a second round of penicillin and ear drops. Not fun at all.

My Trials 360 Project (Finished)

As I mention on Thursday I’m gonna spray my Xbox 360 with the Trials 2 logo. Yesterday I tried two different methods to see which once the best. Ended up with the stencil one where I carved out the logo in carton and then spray it on. The first spray didn’t got that well as you will see in the gallery below, but I am going to make a better version of my stencil today. See if it will look better. May have to buy another type of spray can because I think this one drips to much. I’ll see. So hit the jump to see the gallery and the update.

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Poor Wookies

Check out this interview from Gametrailers over at The Force Unleashed HQ. You will see that you can play as Darth freaking Vader in the beginning and strangle friends and wookies. Too bad you can’t play as a Wookie. They should really get their own game, where you also could play the awesome Ewoks. Damn that would be an nice game. The Wookie Unleashed or Star Wars Battle Ewoks…..

T-thief 4?

Edios Montreal have started to make another game from one of their franchises. With this quote they kinda clearly says that there is going to be another Thief 4. I have only played Thief 1 and 2, but those two games where awesome good. So really looking forward to a fourth.

Eidos-MontrĂ©al is proud to announce the recruitment for our 2nd “AAA” project… A hint! The title begins with the letter ” T “


Thief (series) at

Indie Games “Game of the month” – Cortex Command

Game of the month winner over at Indie Games this April is Cortex Commander. It is still in the working progress, but the idea and the technique looks really good. Head over to Indie Games and read some more of it and try out the demo. Its really something new and should be tried out!