New layout is coming!

It’s really true! I’m nearly done with my new layout. Need some adjustment at the bottom. Can’t get the footer right. Something fishy there. So as soon as I fix that the new layout is hitting the website! How cool isn’t that?! I also have some futures I’m planning to add to the layout when I get time.

I also bought a new domain! So check out in the next 24 hours!

In good and in sickness

Today my girlfriend had her tonsil removed. So she is going through some pain. Problem eating and drinking. So it’s probably going to be a long night. Hopefully everything will go quick over and she will be back to healthier jumpy girlfriend.

I also have some good news. I’m getting my desktop computer tomorrow. So I’ll start posting some doodles on Sunday. Can’t wait! Thinking about putting up an easy wordpress blog under a standalone domain. Something like, we’ll see. Need to think about a clever name. There is a lot of site covering this subject out there. Just check out the wikipedia article. Maybe everyone can upload their doodles and it will be a big doodle community. That would be fun. Only time will tell. Hehe, “anywho”. Got my first css site up and running. Very easy one, was school assignment, you can check it out over at (it’s all in Norwegian).

It’s all moving forward

Since my girlfriend and I moved into our apartment, things have been a bit busy. Getting stuff to work, paint walls, set up furniture, make food, school and so on. Luckily we are getting done with most of the stuff. Our bedroom is now painted. Looking really fly, and we’re planning on moving the bed tomorrow. Need to dry and air the smell out first. I’m also starting with my mandatory task in java tomorrow. Probably not getting it done, but will at least get a huge step further than I’m now. Also I’ve been seeing more and more game I want to buy and play. Too bad the time and money doesn’t stretch that far. “Anywho”, N+ level pack #2 is hitting XBLA tomorrow and 2D Boy is done with their World of Goo! Yay!

Doodle time

As some of you’ve seen, maybe. I have a category named “Doodles”, and now I’m finally going to start using it! How great isn’t that?! As I’ve started packing I have come over old doodles I’ve done while I’ve been bored in school classes. So from next week I’m going to start post them. Aiming for two in the week, and then we will see how well it will go.

It’s hard!

My life is so hard! As I’m moving next week I need to get myself a new TV. And there is so much to choose from. Too much. I have no idea what to pick. So it will be interesting to see what I end up with. I also found out that my computer is fixed. Good news! So hoping to get it back the next few days. My girlfriend also bought a new laptop. The Acer One with Linux. It’s so freaking cool! I want it too! At least I get to play with it. Cheers.

On the N+ news, I’ve given up for now to create my episode on the computer since the XBLA version is so much better, so I’ll wait for the N v1,5 to make them. I have some photos you can all look at while we sit and wait. Hit the jump to see them!

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Time goes by so fast!

I’ve been very little productive this week. I’m not done with the two N+ episodes, nearly done with one. Need some help from my girlfriend and she has been busy, so I blame here. I have though, posted a picture of the idea for the episode. Not the best picture, but you can probably see how hard it is.

Other news, I got my shoes yesterday. The look lovely! They are a bit strange to walk in, probably since they look a bit different in shape than my other shoes. Anyway some pictures after the jump. The on on the left is mine. I also love the boxes they came in. I also bought two new CD, Dream Theater – Falling into Infinity (have nearly all of them now!) and the new to Sigur Ròs, med sut i engrum vit spilum endalust (on englsih that means; With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly)

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Ups and downs

One of the best thing with having you own blog is finding up new post titles. Love it!

Over to the real things. My laptop broke down this Sunday. Sadly yes, so have to sent it in to Asus to get it fixed. So guess I will have it back sometimes next week. I think the video card is broken, because the screen is parted with bad picture.

The good thing is that I’m nearly done with my first N+ episode. Need to finish up the fourth level. So guess I’ll be done with that today, then I’ll start with a port to PC which everyone can download and play for them self.