Skate. Footage

Found some really cool video when I searched the skate. footage database. So thought I should post them. Take a look at the pro’es!

A guy fliping under an rail and then landing on the same rail, grinding!

One of the few who can do a clean 1260

Double backflip 540

A freaking huge jump where he wallride the camera box in the X-game contest!

Frontflip to blunt, do I need to say more?!

360 double flip under rail….smooth!

Back at school

I’m now back at school. Had a good night sleep in my own bed. Was so tired so went to bed right after eleven o’clock. Have a lot to catch up on. News, forums and school stuff, place the new products I got when I was away.

Just wanted to say that the education fair was fun. Think we manage to reach out to many interested young minds. Don’t have much to write right now, so post you all later!