DHL is lying

It’s true! They are lying to me, they said that the delivering guy have been at our house every day since Tuesday, but there is no note on the door or in the mail box. Plus, today they said the delivering guy was going to call me when he was getting near, but “nooo”. No phone call. So called them and they came up with the lame excuse that only a few of the drivers have a cellphone. So now they are promising me again that I will get it on Monday and they will call me this time. Wonder if they will keep their words. Or I will call them again for the fourth time and say “I want to speak to the boss!”. Can be fun. I’ll let you know!

Soul Calibur is in the house

Got home today and I bought Soul Calibur IV. It’s fun, haven’t played it for too long, but think it’s worth the money. Also it is a bit nice to be able to make your own character and make new outfits for the regular once. Made a cute white gear to Talim, but now she looks tired, and not the “I need some sleep tired”, but more like “I’ve been on the street” tired. He he, fun!

It’s a but easy on medium mode. When you play Story mode, but that’s okay. Makes it easier to get money and complete it with all the character’s. And the reason for that you want to do that, is because there is beautiful end movies for each and every character.

Will write some more about this game tomorrow, when I have more time to try out the other modes.

A cup of tea type ice

Back in Asker again. Three weeks since I’ve been here. Good to be back. Was also some mail in the postbox to me. Always fun with that! One of the things that makes the day. Going away tomorrow as I’ve mention before. Confirmation camp. Going to be interesting, thinking I’m getting to old for it. So we’ll see if this will be my last year.I’m also very tired and feel like I always have to stress to reach these camps. At least the one in the summer. The winter one is more chill. It’s also shorter, just a weekend. This is a whole week, maybe that’s the problem.

Over to some happy things. I got into university. Have the first “day” next Monday. It’s just an information day, but still. University here I come. Going to be a big boy now. The class (?) is IT – Language, logic and psychology. Geeky, really looking forward to it. Better pack my clothes, so I can get some sleep soon. So blog you all later!

Adding a frappr map

Still not much happening on my site, since I’m still in Lærdal. Going home this weekend, but will just be home for one night. For next week I’m going to be one of the leaders on a confirmation camp in southern Norway. Looking forward to it.
“Anywho”, I found this map thing which we can use to show where we are from. We who read my blog. I know it isn’t the biggest crowd, but I think it’s cool. So lets see how many pin’s we can get on the map!

Two weeks ago

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a real post. You may think that I’ve given up, maybe I’m dead or something similar. To tell you the truth I’m a bit tired of doing this blog. I don’t want to post other peoples news like I did. I want it to be more personal and I don’t want the pressure anymore that I need to post. Since I arrived at Lærdal last Sunday, I haven’t had time or will to post daily. So that’s why I had taken this two weeks off from writing. I wanted to think about next step. As I have made nearly 250 posts, I wanted to do something new. Make it more personally. Of course I could made a new layout and continued, but no, I want to write more about my self. So from now on, there will be no more daily post about computer news borrowed from other sites or fillers from online stores. No more lame youtube videos. Only cool one’s!

This is the first post in the new era of 2k3 blog style. Still I don’t have much will to write. So you have to wait a while before I will post about my two weeks in Lærdal. Will probably be three before I post it. I’m also thinking about changing the complete layout. As I’m not that good in CSS I will try to look for a free one that suits my new blog. I will let you know when I do. So until later. Cya all!

Spore Prototype

Spore is releasing one of their prototypes they’ve used to check out different aspect of the game. In this, called the Particleman, we can see how the gravity, star formations and other things work.

ParticleMan has the following elements:
Particles — point masses which interact with each other
Gravity Wells — fixed point masses which attract or repel particles(depending on magnitude, which can be negative), but do not move or change mass without user input
Particle Guns — sources that spit particles out at a given angle and velocity
Gravity Wells and Particle Guns may only be placed on the green grid in the z=0 plane.
The Iso Surface — an isosurface geometry object derived from the positions and masses (which act as field strengths) of the particles.

Check out for more info and download.

Week Summary

Hello again. Been away for a little vacation with my girlfriend at my family cabin. So that why you have gotten pre-made posts and no new updates. Now I’m back home and thought that I should make a little summary of what I could had posted about. Also I’m going to stay with my girlfriends house the next three weeks. Won’t be any changes in posting, but I just wanted to let you all know.

First some Soul Calibur news. There a new boss, which looks more like a boss than the last one. A bit tired of the energy field fighter. He looks very bad as and would be fun to play with! Here is also a video of the Soul Calibur stage for Darth Vader. Looks like we are visiting the Deathstar. There’s also a bunch of screenshots out there now!

We are also getting a new Loco Roco. That’s a good thing I think. Haven’t played the first one that much, but thinking about buying a PSP and try it out later this summer.

Sadly Activision haven’t given up the idea of a WW ll themed CoD.

Happily we got some new rumours about a sequel to Dead Rising, set to Las Vegas! That’s gotta be good!

I guess my girlfriend and I are getting two version of Fable 2, we are both really looking forward to it. And it will be cool with a little figurine!

Here’s four new Chrono Trigger screenshots!

Also we have a Max Payne trailer. Whats up with all the birds?

I love the type of animation they’ve used in the Mirror Edge trailer. It’s so cool! So want this game!

There’s also a new review with our favorite Yahtzee, this time it’s Lego Indiana Jones and the new Indy movie.

And lastly we have a new Quakeworld map, looks really good.