Summer time

Summer time! Finally the summer have come to Norway. It’s up to 30 C degrees in the sun! Man, its good. So decided to buy some new summer equipment. Bought juggling balls, loose halyard and flower sticks (the same as devil sticks). So I’ve been out the whole day and practising. It’s fun! So can recommend everyone to get out and enjoy the sun!

Red Bugs Puzzle

The Redlynx team have made a new flash based game called Red Bugs Puzzle. It’s a basic puzzle game with a little twist where you can’t control your little bug that so want those raspberries. So your job is to move or remove blocks that’s in the way, but you have to be careful so you don’t crush him/her. In the demo there is 10 levels where you can try out your puzzle brain. Luckily there is some easy levels before the hard ones hit you in the face. As the you advance there is also beatles you have to watch out, they’ll eat you raspberries, flag or even the little cute bug! So be careful. Check it out over at! The full version cost $9.99 and include over 40 puzzle levels and special blocks and other features!

My PokePlushies, Dinomon, Flyffable and Ponystars

I love being occupied with small cute web sites. So when I discovered Pokeplushies and Ponystars I had to join. Pokeplushies is a really simple concept. Pick one of two pokeballs (blue or red) and name it. Then type in your e-mail and pick choose. That’s it. You’ll get some info on how to put it on a website and other useful places, plus info about your log in name and password to the site. If you have feel to hang out there.

If Pokeplushies isn’t your thing. You can adopt a Dinomon instead. It’s the same thing just with dinosaurs. The best thing about Dinomon and Pokeplushies is that you can create as many as you wish! And if that’s not good enough and your a Fly for Fun fan (Flyff), you can get your own Flyffable! These will look like the creatures in the world of Flyff when they hatch. Isn’t that cool?!

Ponystars in the other hand is a more complex game. Yes, it’s a game about ponies. That’s the cool part. you have to pick a pony out of several different types and train it up to be the best. Feed it, brush it and more everyday to make it happy. You can join tournaments and drawing contest to win more money you can spend on your pony. So if you are a little bored and want something cute to do, it’s really worth a visit. And if you follow this link you will help me. It’s a win win situation.

Click on one the pictures above (or all) to help me level my adoptables!




Sorry for the late post. As you probably know I’m with my brother. So we’ve been hanging out and I haven’t had time to post before now. We surfed for the first time today! That was quite fun! Was out for nearly five hours. As I never had done it before, I was really looking forward to it. Have seen it on TV and heard a lot. Found out quick that you really need some size on the waves to have some fun. Our waves where a bit to small so we couldn’t stand on the board for a long time, but it was fun and I’ve learned the basic. So I’m probably going to rent a bored next time I’m at the beach!