Late post

Sorry for the late post. Have been a bit busy. Was my last day at work, and right after that I packed to go to Hønefoss for EverLAN. The funny thing is that went I got here and sat up the Xbox, I found out that I had taken my brother 360 power cable, which didn’t fit in mine. So have to travel back home to change. Not fun, so that why I have such a late post. Hope it’s cool!

Also, there is some rumours about Chrono Triggers coming to DS!

Diablo 3!

Finely Diablo 3 is announced! I’ve been playing both Diablo and Diablo II and been waiting for number 3 a couple of years now. Since I’ve been on my cabin with my girlfriend, I got home for an hour ago and just done reading about all the Diablo 3 news. It looks really well made and true to the Diablo series. Hit the jump to see more videos. And you better!

Also check out the official website!

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