Poor Wookies

Check out this interview from Gametrailers over at The Force Unleashed HQ. You will see that you can play as Darth freaking Vader in the beginning and strangle friends and wookies. Too bad you can’t play as a Wookie. They should really get their own game, where you also could play the awesome Ewoks. Damn that would be an nice game. The Wookie Unleashed or Star Wars Battle Ewoks…..

T-thief 4?

Edios Montreal have started to make another game from one of their franchises. With this quote they kinda clearly says that there is going to be another Thief 4. I have only played Thief 1 and 2, but those two games where awesome good. So really looking forward to a fourth.

Eidos-MontrĂ©al is proud to announce the recruitment for our 2nd “AAA” project… A hint! The title begins with the letter ” T “

Source: eurogamer.net

Thief (series) at Wikipedia.org

Indie Games “Game of the month” – Cortex Command

Game of the month winner over at Indie Games this April is Cortex Commander. It is still in the working progress, but the idea and the technique looks really good. Head over to Indie Games and read some more of it and try out the demo. Its really something new and should be tried out!

Theme is working

The theme is getting better and better every day.  Not sure if I will be completely done by this week as I promised. Sorry, but will be busy tomorrow with work and today I’ve wasted to much time getting Red Faction work with my new graphic card. Had to make a dedicated server and so much other problems. Finally I got it up and working so I could play for an hour. Going to bed soon, since is going to be a long day. Will be back working on the header on Sunday, so aiming on getting that done by the week. After that only smoothing and small bits left. Hope you all like what you see till now.

New stuff day

Got some new stuff today, as the topic says! My mouse, cellphone and graphic card arrived today. Order it all on Monday so it came on time. My mouse is a smooth Razer DeathAdder. Fits really well in my hand, so I’m looking forward to start gaming with it. The cellphone I bought is a Sony Ericsson k550i, nothing big and flashy. Just one that works and have what I need. Hit the jump to see a googled picture. Asus 8500GT is my new graphic card, nothing huge, but better than the Radeon x800 I had from before. There is also a picture of the card and some info after the jump.

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Did you get fooled?

As probably every one knows, 1 April was yesterday. A lot of sites out there posted their jokes. Not me, because I didn’t come up with any good one plus I kinda forgot. So you can say that I got tricked a bit last day, a little sad because there where some pretty good ideas out there. Here I have posted a few of the ones I found, and if you have some more just post it in the comment section.

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