First PDA blog

Everything after the jump is in prior. That’s because I wrote it earlier today, and didn’t find a way to transfer what I wrote on my PDA on the train to my computer. So had to write it again. Not so fun, but it’s a more personal post. Not sure how I’m going to do this in the future. Really want to find a way to transfer the files, but we will all see. So have fun reading about my day. Btw, Spore is super fun! You should really try it out! Continue reading First PDA blog

Some posts

Some posts just take forever to write. There’s always something happening that get me away from the computer and writing. Hopefully I have solved it know. My brother has this little palm (I think) PC I can borrow. So now I can write where ever I am. On the train, to the train and so on. Hopefully this will help me post more about my self and what I think and do, since I’m got at thinking about what to write when I don’t have a chance to write. Continue reading Some posts

My new Aragon 2 blades

Finally had some time to write something. As I mention, I got my blades yesterday. Have been waiting for them a long time know. And thats no fun! Haven’t had time to try them out yet. Since I’ve been busy, but hopefully tomorrow evening. I’ll let you all know if I where able. You can hit the jump to see some more pictures if you want to. They look really cool if you ask me, and the felt good when I tested them in the living room. Also check out the official site! Continue reading My new Aragon 2 blades

Lousy day

Not much to write about this weekend. Been to Sweden. Bought candy, ice tea (24l) and firecrackers. Fun fun fun.  Had a little car “accident” on the way to Sweden. Our car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. We where in the middle lane so it was a bit scary, but we got the car running after about 20 min and drove to the side. Then we had to wait for our father (it was my brother and I who where going to Sweden). When he arrived we got his car and continued the trip while he tried to get the car going, didn’t work so he had to get it towed to a car workshop. Not that fun.

Now I’m going to chill the rest of the day and play CoD4 with my brother!