Gameboy Classic bricks

Yes, I’m talking about real bricks. The one you have in your garden fence or that made the outside of your house. There is a guy from Netherlands that have started to produce real size gameboy bricks for use in your daily bricklaying work. Check out his site here and order some. They are only €20,- a brick! Continue reading Gameboy Classic bricks

Xbox 360 backward compatibility list

As the air is thick with rumours about xbox 360 backward compatibility is getting lesser and lesser. I finally started looking for the list, find out which game I could buy and play on my 360. So here is a link to the complete list! Didn’t know I could play Amped 2 on it! Woho, since Amped 3 really suck compared to Amped 2.

Electronic Flowers

Since I’m doing a post about all the games of Ferry Halim, I thought I’d post about his other cute work. Here you can pick and send electronic flowers to a friend or maybe girl/boy-friend. Just visit this link and choose your flowers. You can also write down your flower code to look and send it another time. So have fun and cheer someone up in this dark winter times. Flash game collection is a flash game site collection by Ferry Halim. Don’t know anything really about him. Just that he is from Canada and enjoy flash. There is something cute and innocent about all his games. They are graphical very good and entertaining, but yet simple. With a touch of oriental and anime look they are worth trying. So I was planning on going through all fifty-nine games (till now) and write a little review about them.

So check out and find your favorite!

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New kind of split screen

Was doing my daily news round on some of my sites, and found this article about a new kind of split screen. You have to wear some type of 3D glasses and that will make you able to just see your own “side” of the split screen on the whole screen. If this is easy to implant in new games and wont be to expensive it could mean a lot for the gaming community. As you remove the problem of watching you opponents screen and you could develop new types of multi-player action on the same screen. For people who don’t wear the glasses the picture will be a bit blurry and maybe hard to see the different players. Watch the movie and see for yourself! As I couldn’t link the video, you have to visit this link.

The ball is over

The night have sunken over us and the ball is over for this years student. Its been fun. We had vegetarian food, I always get surprised of how good it tastes! Where several dishes the student had made earlier that day. They have been so clever. After that there where some speeches. One for the ladies, one for the gentleman’s and one from the school council to everyone. Then we had a little break before we danced and had some small games.

It was an fun evening, and my date/girlfriend was looking really gorgeous!

Probable going to game a bit before I go to bed…good night people!

Good morning

Back at school and back in business. Haven’t had much time to this site in the vacation. Been busy with friends and girlfriend. Also been playing a lot on my xbox360 I bought. Skate is just an awesome skate simulator. Other than that much hasn’t happened. Was at my parents house the whole time and just had friends to visit. Taking it easy and recharging. When I got back to school I had some stuff to catch up in, that’s one of the reason why I hadn’t had time to blog. Continue reading Good morning